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Audio Conferencing Solutions For MSPs

Audio conferencing is an oft-overlooked part of unified communications, often because it’s associated with telephone calls. But it’s a crucial aspect of everyday communication — an audio conference is useful when you’re in a car or in another place where you don’t want or can’t have a video stream. So let’s take a look at […]

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Cyber attacks: Stronger, faster and more sophisticated

A new security report has revealed some alarming trends. First off, cyberattacks are becoming faster than ever. Breakout times (that’s the time it takes for a criminal to move within your network after first getting in) have dropped significantly. We’re talking an average of just 62 minutes compared to 84 minutes last year. This is […]

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The little things that make a big difference

Microsoft’s latest Windows 11 update has dropped, and it’s got a small change that could make a big difference to you and your team. Microsoft has given Copilot, its handy AI assistant, a new place on the taskbar. No more hunting around for the button. Now it sits on the far right of the taskbar, […]

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The Real Cost of Ransomware: Why Paying Is Never the Answer

Your business’s worst nightmare: a ransomware attack hijacking your valuable data, held hostage by cybercriminals demanding an exorbitant ransom. But what if those criminals sweeten the deal with payment extension options? It’s a tempting proposition, but let’s unravel why succumbing to ransom demands only leads to further peril. The Deceptive Offers: A Closer Look Recent […]